culinery weekend on end January 2011

weekends are always busy for me, it looks like a lot of things to do with a limited time only two days off on Saturday and Sunday. Everything could fall apart if the schedule has been arranged confused with the affairs of the weather.

But this time everything was so fun with the weather in Jakarta was very bright. Had been a concern with the weather forecast which says the floods will occur on 30 January 2011 … but not proven at all.

This time we spend with complete formation, begin in Saturday afternoon until the evening to visit some of our local favorite locations. Starting for began gathering at a mall in plaza semanggi later down the road to Sabang area and try a new makassar snack cuisine filled with soup in many pepper seasoning, seafood mixed, broccoli and others.

makassar soup
titi mie, a makassar traditional crispy mie

as we try soup supper at Padang restaurant in radio dalam area hmmm feels nothing when my head more complicated in headache but as if nothing happened and continue our end journey at a shop that sells a lot of rugs, carpets that wow with fantastic prices,

hmm carpets in everywhere and come from anywhere

I never guessed that in this store was so much Carpets deliberately scattered on the restaurant side. So we were sitting on the soft carpet as a imagined Aladdin’s flying carpet hahahaha

there we tried a lot of traditional menu pakistan bread crate cane, martabak, hmmm and warmed ourselves with a cup of hot tea mixed with pure cow’s milk typical of pakistan.

a martabak from pakistan
hmm its a martabak also

and i’m gonna take a rest early this evening for good time in sleep and monday ahead is waiting for me….



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