Vacation to Tidung Island

Last week I just spent time on holiday to Tidung Island (22nd April 2011), located on a thousand islands. MuaraAngke mileage from Jakarta to the island by boat was only about 3 hours. Also long enough huh? But fortunately for the trip in the morning we could feel the sea breeze was sufficient. friendly with calm waves and sometimes we could see the fishermen were hunting fish in the sea. Of course, we also sometimes do not accidentally fall asleep. Fair is to relieve stress.

Tidung Island is quite famous for the backpacker who wants to enjoy the atmosphere of a quiet beach with crystal clear sea water and of course snorkeling.
snorkeling in the mid of java sea
The final choice that made ​​me rush to decide to participate. This island is really beautiful with the calm water conditions and of course a friendly community. No need to worry to stay, many options that can be used to unwind. Because hundreds of houses we can rent or dozens of home rent/dormitory  who deliberately built with an affordable price.

canoeingtidung home stay

What can we do while we’re there? Of course, feel the atmosphere far from the hustle and noise of the city. It was quiet comfortable with the simple life of the community. There also have started to build some support tours like the beach playground like banana boating and canoeing, the bridge that connects the major Tidung Island and small Tidung islands. Favorite choice are to do biking and also snorkeling to sea while seeing marine animals are quite beautiful with coral.
biking along the island
For details please just come and enjoy the taste are far from the hassle of city


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