Tumpeng – Cone Shaped Rice,Indonesian Tasty Food

Frankly to say that i lost my update on May.That sounds bad for me where i had promise to always update my blog regularly. But i always think that being late is better than never.Sometimes, i get a little confused about this blog focused.When the first time i made this blog only to share my daily activities but i dont like to write any journal of my day. Its kind of snobbish when i told you about the such things that i’ve been done. Hmmm seems i really confused how to focused on this blog. BUt let it flow, its the best way for me to start again this blog by doing some activities and share together with you!!!

Okay two weeks ago, i attended an event of YISC Anniversary.Too many peep around there with some of them wearing batik as a dress code for that event.But, as regularly, i had my shirt and jeans only.Thats my favorite uniform everywhere i go rlol.Ups i’ve to tell you about YISC.This name stands for ‘Youth Islamic Study Club’.So from their name you could easily to know that this club only for studying Islamic and activities which associated with Islamic.And this year, YISC celebrated their 40th anniversary.Then, to make party more hip …hmm not a party..they had a few competition and the most interesting was Tumpengan Competition.

However,most of Indonesian are familiar with Tumpeng.Tumpeng is a cone-shaped rice dish like mountain, yet they have another form of Tumpeng depend on the situation and function.Usually tumpeng surrounded by assorted with many Indonesian dishes like vegetables and meat on its side. Tumpeng always made by people of Indonesia to celebrate important event like wedding ceremony, baby birth, or thanksgiving for the abundance of harvest and any blessings events.

mosque shaped
heart shaped
heart shaped

Tumpeng usually made by people using steam rice or yellow rice (rice colored with turmeric),eventually they can combine with two colors, yellow and white rice. Sometimes, tumpeng rice cooked with coconut milk (nasi uduk) and erected on bamboo container, covered with banana leaf and also many Indonesian dishes, such as Urap vegetables, fried chicken,beef floss, beef in sweet soy sauce, corn fritters, mashed potato fritters, anchovy with peanuts, tempe,shredded omelette.It seems Tumpeng is more complex and there should be a balance between vegetables, meat, seafood.The composition of Tumpeng today not really complex,you could also find another of Tumpeng modern with BBQ dishes, pizza on its side,salad for vegetarian and more.

So, if you interested to try cooking Tumpeng must be prepare all ingredients. You should cook it for more people and we can eat together with all neighbors and also relatives.Eventhough it takes time and extra effort.



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