Riding a horse in DE’Ranch

Hi I’m back. For a long time  I really want to write about traveling. I missed around like it used to be. Though much time wasted during the holidays was just because having a relationship with someone and end up in the middle of the road. Now I’m free, and could start the story again.Oh yups, This time i’d love to see the mountains and really want to feel the cold. Thanks God,  finally last week I accidentally came out with my friends in Jakarta and looking for new experiences by visiting attractions in the region DE’Ranch Lembang West Java.

I enjoyed the trip from Jakarta to Lembang with the distance up to 4 hours. I suggest if you want to decide visit Lembang, around 8 – 9 am to avoid traffic jam,hot sunrise or full park area. Food – Leisure – Knowledge is the motto of the DE ‘Ranch, a vacation destination the which is located on Jl. Maribaya no. 17 Lembang. An area that still feels pretty fresh air and also the hills are still green. It was nice to feel the atmosphere like this.

From the name I can guess that the attraction of this one was deliberately made and the visitor as if you were in a barn complete with horse farms, old-fashioned American-style houses and other games.  A lovely place at Lembang to visit on weekends.

a warm horse

The main attraction on this area is riding a horse. You can choose your own horse that suitable with characters, age and height. DE ‘Ranch is a pasture with a horse-riding track. In Addition to ride a horse by yourself, you also can ride a horse-drawn carriage.

Entrance is cheap, only 5000 rupiah including welcome drink. Each game needs its own fare, the which is around 15,000 to 25,000 rupiah. I liked the drink Offered. It’s a glass of yogurt Lembang.

So dont thinking too much time if you really want to make your weekend more fun by visiting DE’Ranch…enjoy there!!!


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