The fire evacuation drills at my Office

Hi there, I’d like to share my experience when the first time, I follow the fire evacuation drills at my Office today. Incidentally each year has always been regularly held by the Building Management. According to the experience of previous years only my office that looks a little interest in this exercise.Hehehehehe..I dont know whats matter about this  perhaps it happen when all seems a bit lazy to go down the stairs. This makes some colleagues a little hesitant to participate.

 You can imagine how many times must tread a circular staircase. But at least it did not make them forget about the basics how to save themselves from the high rise building when a disaster occurs either fire or earthquake. I think it is important to know the evacuation in high rise building. The goal is to provide security and calm if a disaster occurs. Well I just follow the exercises which are conditioned by the real emergencies. Well this time we exercise if there was a fire hazard inside the building. Here’s my experience in following an emergency evacuation in high rise building.


Emergencies: Usually on every level of the building floor is always available a large red box that is quite striking and is placed in the hallway stairs. Well in times of emergency, an alarm will sound accompanied by flashing lights are quite striking from the red box. In addition, announcements will be heard repeatedly from the building manager who told residents to leave the room. In these circumstances, we are required to remain calm and not run because it will disturb the occupants.

We must be responsive and calm during the process of thinking out of the room. There are several officers stationed on each floor as a Safety Officer who will direct the safe road. If the building has a lot of the floors. It will be done by gathered near the front lobby or elevator. In Building which has a high safety elevator typically has designed a strong and able to transport goods with the technical specifications fairly good but the elevator is used only for that experience health problems, pregnant women, etc. while the lift is intended for people not operated.

When using stairway we need directed to using the emergency stairs under the supervision of Safety Officer. The pattern follows the line on the fire escape stairs of an emergency room, there is a march 2-2, there are quite a row. Just follow the instructions of emergency response commander (floor warden). Worker / female guests in the front row, followed by male workers. In the front row, there officers fire extinguisher (fire warden / fire suppressor) and health workers (first aider). In the last row, there is also the officers, plus officers Commander. During the march, REMAIN CALM. Further down the stairs during an emergency are advised not to rush, shouting, pushing, or other hasty action that could lead to massive crowds and causing the victim’s weakness, were trampled or poked by pressure drops due to our actions.

Advised after the emergency exit stairs soon gathered at the Assembly Point / Muster Point to be checked. Officers will roll the names of people who come down with him. The point is to make sure no people are left in the building. Avoid carrying items that could hinder the evacuation of yourself and others. The main priority is the soul, not the material. In the evacuation process, we expect all to keep each other calm and make others calm. Congenital large items that can make other people do not calm down the fire escape because the process becomes longer, not to mention the risk of falling stuff (when things suddenly fall).

Hope this story will helpfull for you accidentally if there’s a disaster happen to your office. Cheers 🙂


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