My Jakarta’s Picture

Walking on the streets of Jakarta has its own charm. Regardless of the complexity of a metropolitan city is loaded with problems ranging from poverty, highway congestion, and many other things that we can make a moment in understanding the realities of life in big cities like Jakarta.

Some of the photos below I took at the time deliberately around the streets of Jakarta using a camera phone. The result was not so good but sometimes the picture can talk much than just a poetic phrase.

Jakarta's Skyscrapper
a green commuter
Really crazy to see the open car in the pollutions street
Love those Bike
Busway Shelter
hmmm no idea what to say...Are they homo or gay couple?...
what a crowd on the ship!
Jakarta's Bay
Work Hard Play Hard
view of one bus terminal at Blok M
Bajaj"s Passengers
a green commuter
what ashamed when motorbike crossing the line
good car in the bus lane

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