Teaser of Ustadz Felix Siauw, A Mirror of Life

Here is one teaser featuring Ustadz Felix Siauw that really evocative me. The material is very beautiful and also looks very simple language. There are some videos of him that can be found via youtube and his site . I just know this religious man when a friend told me how he is able to evoke the spirit and the reverse base for a better life for the purpose of doing good.

I’m trying to be a betterman starting from this time being,Insya Alloh. It will be need some support and also a role model that can influence me. Ustadz Felix Siauw basically come from Palembang which is the same with me but originally He is Moslem and Chinese Descendant. I really proud of him when i consider that his knowledge is wonderfull. I had been reading all his journey life and that give me information to know him details. He is good motivator and his simple mind has broaden my horizon and feel ashamed when i’m nothing in this life.Muslim is like a mirror of each other, isn’t it? and I’m willing to learn from those pious

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Teaser of Felix Siauw Presentation in Moslem En…, posted with vodpod

Everytime, I always thinking about my life and this question comes to me everyday.Dont we want to be a noble ? Alloh doesn’t  need us but we really are in desperate need of Him. Alloh could replace us with an another better person than us, who will do the pious and charitable. So is it appropriate we rebel against Him? Sometimes in a situation like this, I still like down in the mouth. Confused with the purpose of life has been lived. Everything is there a hidden wisdom.

Luckily I’m new to the lost lives in a short time so well and Alloh helped me to return to Him. I’m very thankful and grateful for the help finally came unexpectedly. Both of the new people I met and old people are loyal friends who accompany and make me more and more aware that I was not alone. Felix saw the chaplain so lively and fascinating in preaching to give inspiration to change and inspiring my life. Guidance is this it? Hopefully I just wish I could be better for all those who have and love .. I know there’s no real enemies friend in my life but there has been a true friend. No matter how bad they treated me. Be repaid with kindness. Always pray for your Friend (xvnd) and I believe one time good things will be beautiful in proper time. Insya Alloh

Finally, here by the motivation & inspiration video that have must watch to enlighten up our life, perhaps


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