#Photos : Adventure in Lembang, West Java

Great weekend already and It’s fun to spend time enjoying the natural scenery in the valley of Lembang, West Java. Upland areas north of Bandung which is still cool and the scenery is still fresh and beauty definitely. The last few weeks, I enjoy traveling to many places to take off a little sense of fatigue and stress caused by routine work and also other problems.

I would love to be adventurous and explore the many places in Indonesia to experience how wonderful this world alone though. Traveling alone doesn’t mean there aren’t friends. Its hard for me to find out a good friend who can accompany me. We’ll actually get a lot of new friends that will add to our experience and insight. In Lembang I can be visited many places, generally where it is often used for outbound adventure, water, shotgun, off-road, downhill mountain bikes, and others. Come and enjoy it. Here are the few of my photos about Lembang


had attacked by warrior


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