All out of Sudden Music in @atamerica

Last week, I witnessed two mini-concert performances held at the American Cultural Center @atamerica. First, The interpretation of Bob Dylan’s music presented by Leonardo Ringo and Andreas Arianto, while the next day on Saturday (26/5) I also was present in a small show with Sandhy Sondoro. Both were done accidentally. Beginning I was confused where to go fill time on that Friday night. The desire to go down the street alone was not the right choice at the time. Because the intention originally wanted to run off at GBK. Unfortunately the Jakarta’s night sky was overcast and I didn’t want my clothes wet.

Finally, I switch to a mall near the Senayan. The place is the Pacific Place Mall. During circling the mall somehow felt drawn to go and things to do @america.By the time I entered a new, American Cultural Center who claims as the only one America cultural centre in this world, the security was very tight. There are two screening to check all our luggage. That may be brought in is that we can hold or pocket. The rest should be stored in lockers provided. When i entranced at the time at 6.45 pm … The atmosphere in the fairly crowded but not too stuffy. Anyone interested in trying google earth, or to see moving pictures on the wall. But too many people who fit into one large room similar to a studio complete with steps of the stage and used for spectator seating. I was wandering into the room and enjoying the audience.

Well it seems fitting clay on the screen soon have a second Performance artist who along with 4 people cellist’s rendition of Bob Dylan. What happened in this free entertainment end I was interested to stay until the show ends.Well finished the show seems to have another announcement tomorrow that will appear Sandhy Sondoro. I haven’t decided to join or not? It turned out the next day when I invited by my new friend coming from Palembang to watch a music concert he said. I still have saying with okay. Well we know this and make a pact meeting in America again hahahaha its coincidentally again. Oalah Feel nothing to say except I’d like to accompany him .. if something is a fate surely no way to come….my mind telling me that statement.

Leonardus Ringo and Andreas Arianto

Sandhy Sondoro Performance

Again I was impressed with the show. Both have their own characteristics. The first appearance of Bob Dylan music interpretations made me become more familiar with the American pop icon. Although I honestly dont know the song he ever. Apparently there are some famous songs that are sung and repeated by several musicians. Well it made me finally realize that I was a few songs like Bob Dylan’s original. Performances with cellist combination makes the dish a semi-classical and good for listening.To show the next day turned out to fit Sandhy Sondoro number of spectators in attendance exceeded the capacity of the room. Until the show begins, some viewers are still visible lining up inside and luckily @america has some big screens mounted in some corner. So that spectators can watch the show from any angle in the room and even live streaming via the official link. In the early appearance of Sandhy much to tell his life story of a singing competition in Germany follow-up on Warren Diarren legislation to Hollywood Paladium. Great story from him how to start a life with passion.Here are some excerpts that I managed to record. Hopefully you can enjoy .. enjoy it


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