Much Fun in Early Weekend of June with Festivals

Finally last week, I got much fun to spend a whole weekend by visiting three events in Jakarta. It gives me more events to screwed up my day for not too thinking any of xxxx anymore. Oh I forgot to not mentioned the name of it again but need an extra time! Strangely enough. I finally went to three events consecutively starting in Friday (June 8, 2012) accompanied with Avanty, Cipond, and Mr. Adelsa. The Saturday by join my chummy with Awal and Sandhy, and the last in Sunday with Bolang. It’s all giving me the motivation to get things sorted.

#BrightSpot Market @Gandaria City- Friday; June 8, 2012

I really enjoyed about the BrightSpot Market in indoor venue. That was my first to attending the event with some friends from my Office. Love the athmosphere where I could meet with some talented people. What an event!! The market such a great example of Indonesia’s young who has a creativity to meet. The stalls look so incredibly beautiful by many accessories and cool stuff design that really amaze me how they can make it all with some creative design. Yup they make look so truly beautiful. I can watch many of visitors by their outfit. It seems that all of Jakarta’s young hipster come to gather in one place. I’m looking forward to next one!!

Mr.Adelsa, Avanty and Me…credit Mr. Cipond

#Indonesia Cellular Show (ICS) @JCC – Saturday; June 9, 2012

Yes ICS is held in early June every year. Frankly I’m not really interested to come. Yes this year ICS held in early June. Usually this event is always held before the Jakarta Fair in mid-June to commemorate the anniversary of the city. As usual ICS has always coincided with Indonesia Computer Festival (FKI), which will also be a lot of the attention of people to come. I always liked the ICS not currently working in the telecommunications company. But more like this exhibition because I can be enjoyed every booth designs were beautiful and worth a look (of course its tempting usher hehehe) As usual the most appealing booth to the eye and full of gorgeous designs were owned by mobile operators and mobile companies. I didn’t know why, if the design for the booth exhibitors at FKI more likely as the existing store in the mall. So it is not only interesting to visit such a massive roll out discounts for products not sold in their stores.

#FunBike Telkomsel @GBK Senayan – Sunday; June 10, 2012

Its been a long time for me not to bike. Since I had much time for doing exercise but less to bike. Thanks to my company who finally create an event for its customers and also employee. Then I could participate in Fun Bike that take a route from West Plaza of GBK in Senayan through Sudirman and Bunderan HI then finish again in the same place of West plaza.

Performance of Nidji

#Festival Palang Pintu @Kemang – Sunday; June 10, 2012

Finally, Festival Palang Pintu in Kemang opened again this mid year. Trully I didn’t know the aim of this event. It looks like a traditional bazaar or flea market in a long of Kemang Street. The festival was held over two days. I assume from its name under the cross bar from closing the road during the festival. Sure a lot of protest because public roads closed and disrupting traffic. But many people remain loyal to enjoy a series of activities held there. For example, performing a traditional Betawi art and some other traditional arts of Indonesia. Including participation in the arts of the few foreigners who live in Kemang.


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