Hi welcome back again..its time for sharing about my activity last weekend when i had attended a Jak Japan Matsuri Festival with some friend. I know most fun in my life is when I get to know the culture of other nations. I can learn many things than can be learn from the diversity of traditions and cultures which has different from our own. The beauty of every culture reflects the beauty of the world in which I live today. Well last week, Thanks God I had the opportunity to attend the annual event Jak Japan Matsuri Festival 2012 held in silang Monas Jakarta.

The event itself on the idea by the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia as a sign of friendship between Indonesia and Japan. Locations at Monas is always used as a landmark of the city. Unfortunately, because the event coincided with the march around the U.S. embassy, so I got some trouble to get to this location a little choked up and blocked by thousands of protesters. But thankfully cross monument at the site itself has a lot of visitors were present and witnessed the Japanese cultural performances from both the Main Stage and carnival.

I know some little event presented ranging from excitement Yosokai Dance is a dance performed by dozens of dancers together with the rhythm of the full dynamics of happiness. In every dance there’s always one person giving instructions to encourage other dancers. Everything is done at once and each one looks happy with his smile. Hope upcoming event i’ll join to support flash mob of that dance.

then there is also a short calligraphy course is to learn to write Japanese kanji. But  I’ve not been able to join because it’s quite small stall and a lot of people queuing. Finally I ignore these courses.

That interests me was often found cosplayers around arena. Cosplayers are people dressed cartoon/anime Japanese. There was also a big stage to show the Bon Odori Festival where the arena was also decorated with dozens of lanterns lights that will light at night. Oh I Forgot if  JJM festival itself lasts all day until evening. But since I just dropped so no time to watch the Japanese artist, May J, Jakarta Keion & Jak48.

It was different from the previous years the event was a clean-up event with visitors initiated by Osoji Club. In some corners of the arena provided plenty of bins categorized by type making it easier for visitors to dispose of their waste directly into the trash box. This club is a collect trash can instead of plastic bags they use. Perhaps the reason is quite simple if you use a plastic impression is not good for the environment. Just so you know this club consists of Japanese people living in Jakarta and care about the cleanliness of the city. So rather paradoxical view of Indonesia littering their stuff while people of other nations collect it?