It’s a short little mind

It’s funny how lonely you can feel…
Even in a room with people. Friends, family etc. No matter where I am. I always feel like I don’t belong, that I’m there because people feel sorry for me or something like that.

I hate writing posts like this but it’s just so I can vent. I hope this year I change and actually have some positive things come out of my life. Sometimes though, there is such a thing as “the pain to pure to hide.

Meh.I know this is pretty random, but I’d really like someone I could talk to on Skype or something..After a few issues in my personal life, everything’s finally settled down, except now I have no one to talk to except my girlfriend..

I’m not saying that isn’t bad, I just miss talking to several’s hard to not feel lonely when no one wants to talk to you…

So yeah..whatever…



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