wew.. just found this video on this friday morning. Made my day love it much to watch Caine’s arcade. His arcade rocks!!! its not even an arcade, its a load of boxes celotaped together. I think every kid loves boxes and Caine  really inspiring well done kid. Its so amazing what this boy did :’) This kid has humbled me. Never too young or too old to do what you love.

The video is subtitled in different languages, just turn on the captions option in YouTube.

People don’t give creative play the respect it deserves unfortunately. I completely believe in its power to grow young minds and this kid is living proof! After watching this video I realised my life is a waste. I have no words!

I got some inspiring quote in my little mind like  “Keep dreaming, keep inventing and never stop believing in what you can do”: –  Caine has inspire me and also his generation to keep creating, perhaps. Everybody must have an entrepreneurial mind like Caine did. I wish I was just like that. Most of us had dreams and big ideas

This handsome lil guy is da awesumest!!!! makes me smile. I wish more people would be like Caine. Thanks Caine brilliant idea! Well done