I’m so excited that The Color Run is coming to Jakarta, INA this year, and can’t wait to run it with my coworkers! I’ve been wanting to do The Color Run for AGES, no joke. I think it looks like SO much fun, and have heard fantastic things from friends that have done it. Unfortunately for me, there hasn’t been any of The Color Runs close enough to my area for me to be able to do it. That’s changing in 2014, baby!

The 1st Color Run 5K in Senayan, Jakarta (1/26). Started from the fun race with clean white t-shirts, then pass through the color station once every kilometer, and last, the dance party, I enjoyed every moment of the color run. What’s The Color Run? Well, it’s ONLY the Happiest 5k on the Planet!

Never heard of the Color Run? Curious what it is all about?

The Color Run is a very colorful 5K, less about finishing super fast and more about finishing super colorful! This race is perfect for those of you who want to try out a 5K, but do not want to worry about your finishing time! In fact, there is no timer! Just a lot of people having an amazing time!

At each Kilometer there is a new color. Trained volunteers are there to get you colored up, and they mean business!  Be sure to wear as much white as possible, so that you can see how colorful you can get by the end! Oh, and at the end? A huge Color War, where everyone throws around their own packet of color, given to you at the beginning of the race! Still worried about all that color? Don’t! It is just cornstarch with a little dye added to it! Harmless!

Need a little something to get you amped? Check out this energy! Don’t you want to BE there?! Can’t wait for the same event next year 2015!!

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