Cuti-cuti Malaysia: Review Hotel – A Lovely Wolo Hotel Bukit Bintang in the Buzz of KL


Hey Peep! Its the 1st time for me to write down about a hotel review in this blog. Actually I just want to share about Wolo Hotel in Bukit Bintang KL, Malaysia. The Whole hotel is beautifully designed. Really love design! So cool! From the first time I booked my name in the agoda. I trully in love with it. Not designed like a normal hotel room so you can partition your sleeping area from the entrance, toilet and shower.

The Location

If this is the first time for you to visit Kuala Lumpur. I recommended this hotel to stay. The rate is very competitive versus other 5 star hotels. It was a very good experience and convenient to choose this hotel instead of other hotel in the Bukit Bintang area. This hotel is in the center of the KL Area which makes us easier to go around and shop without having to use any transportation. Because you need a hotel that is near to the crowd.

768 767

Located just opposite the alleyway to Changkat and Jalan Alor hawker food. Less than 4 mins walk to Pavilion Mall and as is just a min away from Lot 10, etc. Right infront of Bukit Bintang Monorail Station, within lots of attractions. Easy access to many shopping & dining area. Some of them are plenty of excellent restaurants and bars around the neighbourhood.

This is where I kick off Wolo Hotel Bukit Bintang,Kuala Lumpur Experience during two nights stay but it was good location. We could walk everywhere.

A Lot 10, one of the tourism destination for shopping where H&M Flag as a main destination to shop
A Lot 10, one of the tourism destination for shopping where H&M Store is located.
Monorel of Bukit Bintang Station
Monorel of Bukit Bintang Station



Pavilion Mall, one of the best Mall in KL at this moment
A Famous Fahrenheit Shopping Mall in the near Wolo Hotel

The Lobby

The Lobby is located in 2nd floor with quite small but the design  is so beautiful with sort of Lady Gaga perfume in the air. The lobby itself  is very artsy, with gold and red motifs. As I entered to the elevator, the wall full covered by the mirrors and the ceiling of elevator full of matrix design. Then when I reached the floor and went out from the elevator to go to lobby. The walls are decorated with lights and some sort like curtains covering the walls. It doesn’t  look like a hotel.. more like you’re going  to a private clubs.

727 731 730 732 733

This gold origami horse always welcome the visitors and guards the elevator entrance.


A Matrix design on the celiling of elevator
A Matrix  on the celiling of elevator

The Authentic Bakery

The Wolo Hotel Centrally located and above a pretty “Tous Les Jours” bakery is located at the ground floor.  that is open late and room-widen the modern design to suits the solo or couple traveler. If you stay in this hotel you will always meet The Authentic Bakery ‘Tous Le Jours’ Restaurant, a french -asian bakery which attached to the hotel serve wonderful cakes and pastries. Their croissant is fantastic. A nice spot for photo taking.. The Only thing I wasn’t satisfied is the breakfast…Breakfast was limited two sets, Set A or Set B. For a room like this price deserves a much more better breakfast. I always asked the waiters, the answers will always be, please wait and it was just a simple breakfast. If breakfast can change to buffet is better since the waiters respond very slow. I only got a baked potato, 1 sausage sandwich with some fried eggs, one cup  of tea. It took one hour to serve. 


You can see the crowd inside the Tous Les Jours, I thought the visitor of this restaurant will served first by the Waitres than the hotel’s attendants724 725

The Location of this restaurant always full booked by the local and tourists. This place is suitable for you as a meeting point


freshly baked breads every morning..812 813 810

Most of the waitres can speak English literally. So you dont worry if you want to order your request..822 823 824 825

Many youngest people come to this place everyday for hanging out with their friends. So you need to know what is the best time for you to enjoy and sit inside the restaurant.835 826 827

My Simple Breakfast took an hour to serve by this restaurant, I didn’t know what happened with the service..but this is western style breakfast which is cooked upon order.829 831

The Room
My room is big and windowless. Lucky me there’s a glass wall to look out externally with a good view with surrounding of few famous mall like Lot 10,Sungei Wang, Pavilion, Farenheit, Berjaya Times Square. All with walking distance. The room’s cleanliness is superb.  The room was stunning and had all  you needed in facilities. The interior is very simple and unique. Wifi is really strong. You can access and login by using your name and room number. Bed is comfortable, Pillows a little bit hard but its okay, overall slept pretty well for two nights, ironing board, iron, hair dryer, toiletries, etc. All and all very comfortable, worth every rupiah spent. The design are marvellous. The room is the best part, not too big but functional and stylish.
The Corridors
This is my room called “Our Room” #703
The Bed is very comfortable, with a mounted by the foot of the bed
My Room is really nice to live
A nice study table and a strong wifi surrounded
a room has a nice view to see the activity outside of Bukit Bintang
your desk phone and also wireless TV remote with connected also using an application of iPhone
Control the TV by using your iPhone
wifi everywhere you can connescted always surrounded with a strong connection

745 746

Minibar & Iron, Iron desk, and other stuff to support your suitcase
A view of Bukit Bintang Area from the window while on the other street there’s an activity of MRT Development
Spend my day by writing this blog close to window
Toilet & Bathroom 
It was interesting and irritating that the basin not in the toilet but in the room, interesting but got a little inconvenient after a while. Toilet and shower was separated and hidden behind sliding doors. I love how they label the packaging on the soap as “Shower gel’s ancestor”, ha ha 🙂 I also love the shower room equiped with a big window  to see the street life outside. Of course, the window is attached with sun-blinded.
The amenities that come with the room
The amenities that come with the room
749 739
A shower room with a big window to see outside attached with sun-blinded
The Stage
And if you interest in arts. Don’t forget to visit The Stage in Level 1 of Wolo Hotel. The Stage is an extension of WOLO’s initiative to provide an artisan experience by collaborating with the community to promote and celebrate its five pillars, which are design, art, music, performance and culture. The Stage, which is close to 3,000sq ft, will feature different talents throughout the year. Setting ‘The Stage’ for creativity, the newly inaugurated community gallery at WOLO makes a quiet solace amongst the city centre’s bustling retail landscape.
851 852 853 854 855 856 857 858 859 1067 1068 1069 1070 1071
 The Staff
Hotel staff are friendly and look very easy to communicate in English. They helpful but appeared to be lack of experience and not being well in trained in Hotel Management.
Being a new hotel everything seemed to run quite smoothly. It’s really a hip & chic place to be. So don’t miss out



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